Monday, June 24, 2019


Vintage Time Machines: ’65 Fender Jaguar

Fender’s short-scale offset was marketed to set surf guitarist’s pulses racing, but it ended up being a vehicle for much more noisy pursuits…

Vintage Time Machines: ’64 Epiphone FT–120 Excellente

A stunning Kalamazoo-made acoustic that proved Epiphone was capable of occasionally getting one over on its more fashionable sister brand, Gibson,

Vintage Time Machines: ’54 Gibson ES-175D

The ES-175D added an extra pickup to Gibson’s most affordable hollowbody jazz box, adding versatility to this stage-ready semi-acoustic…

Vintage Time Machines: ’57 Rickenbacker Combo 850

This early Ricky flagship is an extremely rare window into the rapidly evolving golden age of electric guitar.

Classic Combinations: 1960 Fender Twin & Custom Telecaster

From a sleepy, picturesque corner of Lincolnshire, Norman Mitchell’s Old Hat Guitars has long been supplying players in the know with high-quality vintage gear.
Silvertone 1457

Vintage Bench Test: Silvertone 1457 – Two for One

Back in the 1960s, catalogue guitars were the backbone of the US guitar industry, and this Silvertone 1457 offered ultimate convenience with a guitar and amp combo.

Vintage Bench Test: 1960 Rickenbacker M-8 – Silver Service

We’re no strangers to retro Rickenbacker electrics and basses, but ancient Ricky amps are a great deal less common. We power up this small and affordable 1960 M-8 combo…

Vintage Time Machines: 1939 Gibson Super 400

A work of art from the jazz age, this premium priced archtop is a high-water mark of Gibson’s craft.

Vintage Bench Test: 1961 Epiphone E230TD Casino

Some of the biggest names in pop history have played Epiphone Casinos, but this is one of the rarest of them all.

Vintage Time Machines: 1959 Gretsch 6130 Round-Up

With a pair of Filter’Trons onboard but no G brand, this 1959 Gretsch Round-Up is a rare bird indeed…

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