Danelectro unveils the funky, retro-inspired 64XT

A modern interpretation of the reversed double cutaway.

Danelectro has released the 64XT, an example of the company’s ability to reintroduce classic designs coupled with a modern twist.

The Danelectro 64XT is reminiscent of classic off-set, reversed double-cutaway guitars of the 50s, but sports a number of contemporary features like a precision-cut graphite nut and a Wilkinson vibrato bridge system to help maintain tuning stability. The chambered fibrewood body allows for plenty of resonance, and the pau ferro fingerboard atop a C-shaped maple neck offers a more sustainable alternative to rosewood.

The 64XT’s vintage stylings include Danelectro’s signature ‘coke bottle’ headstock and a pair of lipstick pickups – or “Lipstock” – which are arranged in an angled humbucking fashion in the bridge position. It is accompanied by a large-housed single-coil pickup sitting in the neck, angled in the opposite direction of the bridge pickup. The 64XT’s electronics are rounded out by a three-way selector switch, a master volume knob and a master tone knob that doubles as a push-pull coil-tap switch. 


The retro facade of the Danelectro 64XT is further emphasised by its range of vintage-inspired finishes: Black, Vintage Cream, Aqua, Dark Red and 3 Tone Sunburst.

The Danelectro 64XT is now available for $499. For more information, click here.