Bogner releases updated versions of its Burnley, Harlow and Wessex pedals

The new pedals come in a smaller, more ‘board-friendly housing.

Bogner Amplification has released new versions of its custom audio transformer pedals, the Burnley, Harlow and Wessex.

Each of the pedals feature a fully analogue circuit path, making use of the custom audio transformer to provide a dynamic, responsive drive tone inspired by 60’s mixing consoles. Every pedal reissue comes in a smaller, more pedalboard-friendly enclosure, but still feature the Jewel LED that lights up in response to your playing.



The Burnley V2 is the highest-gain pedal of the trio, offering tones between a cranked crunch to high-gain distortion. The pedal’s controls consist of Level, Gain and Tone controls, alongside a Fat/Tight switch for a choice between an unrestrained bottom end or a more biting one.

The Harlow V2, meanwhile, is unique take on the clean boost format. While the Boost and Tone controls act as you would expect, the Bloom knob introduces a transparent, squishy compression to the tone, allowing you to get a more percussive, punchy sound from your boosted amp’s front-end. Bogner also notes the depth of the boost level on offer, ranging from a light push to a more extreme jump in signal level to really drive your amp far into breakup.

The Wessex V2 finds itself in between its two siblings, offering a dynamic range of drive tones from low-gain overdrive to more modern distortion. The toggle switch in the middle of the control cluster lets you choose between Enhance and Neutral modes, with Enhance bringing a bit more character to the drive sound, while Neutral leaves the EQ profile alone.

The pedals list for $179. For more information, head over to