Dive into the design of Gibson’s super-limited Korina V and Explorer with a new video

3D scanning was used to ensure the utmost accuracy.

At Summer NAMM 2021, Gibson revealed the latest fruits of its Custom Shop: an extremely limited run of korina-bodied Flying Vs and Explorer guitars, based on the original experimental solid bodies from 1958. Now the brand has dived further into the recreation process with a new video, discussing how original guitars were 3D-scanned to recreate these new aged guitars.

“These aren’t tributes. They’re clones,” says the Gibson website regarding the guitars. That means they’re custom through-and-through, with Custombucker PAF humbuckers, and ageing carried out by the Murphy Lab.

Each instrument features a solid korina neck and, notably, a rare Brazilian rosewood fretboard. The body of the Flying V is made from two pieces of korina, while the Explorer is made from a single slab. Take a look at some exclusive photos below.


The guitars are limited to the same number of each that Gibson shipped in 1958, with 81 Flying Vs and 19 Explorers being made.

“The Custom Shop Flying V and Explorer project took three years to develop through the magic and artistry of the Gibson Custom Shop teams, including our shop luthiers together with Tom Murphy, Mat Koehler, Mark Agnesi, Cody Higbee, and the rest of our Gibson Lab team,” said Cesar Gueikian, Gibson’s brand president.

“We utilized 3D scanning technology to scan multiple museum-model Flying V and Explorers (made in 1958) to create the most authentic and identical clones humanly possible. The Collector’s Edition is limited to 19 Explorers and 81 Flying Vs and features Murphy Lab ageing, Brazilian rosewood fingerboards and historic recreation of the cases, covers and case candy.”

You can see those involved with the project discuss its conception in Gibson’s new video below.


The limited-edition Collector’s Edition Flying V and Explorer will only be available in the continental US. An extended run of Gibson core guitars will follow in September of this year, will be available worldwide.