Ex-Fender Custom Shop Master Builder Carlos Lopez launches Castedosa Guitars

“Time is short, life is precious, do what you feel led to do”

Carlos Lopez has launched his solo brand, Castedosa, after departing from the Fender Custom Shop in late 2021.

He has launched the project alongside his wife Stephanie Lopez, who will be the winder behind Castedosa’s pickups. Carlos’ bio on the brand’s website notes that “He felt compelled to start Castedosa Guitars with his wife Stephanie Lopez as a way to continue that pursuit of growth. Starting this company is his ‘evolution and contribution to the world’.

“Castedosa is more than just a guitar company, it is a Family enterprise. His hope is that doing this alongside his family will bring greater purpose and meaning to their lives. Leaving Fender was a very difficult decision to make but his family means more to him than prestige, and that is what Castedosa represents.”


The brand’s first model, the Conchers Baritone, will be available to order through Chicago Music Exchange, Casino Guitars, Wild West Guitars, Black Bobbin and Coda Music.

The guitar features an alder body, alongside a bolt-on roasted maple neck and bound rosewood fretboard. It has a 12-inch fretboard radius, and its scale-length measures in at 27 inches. Electronics are a trio of in-house mini humbuckers, and hardware consists of a Mastery Jazzmaster-style vibrato and bridge.

The name Castedosa, according to Carlos ,was Stephanie’s idea: “It’s basically my son, my daughter, myself and my wife’s name put together. It’s just a made up word, you know, I liked it. I liked the fact she came up with it… it’s not just me in this thing.”

Hear the first model, The Conchers Baritone, in action with Castedosa’s introductory video below.

Find out more at castedosaguitars.com.