Fender takes you behind the scenes in The Making Of American Ultra

The short documentary outlines some of the Californian factory’s processes.

Fender has released a short documentary about the making of the American Ultra Series. You can watch it above.

The video features footage of the California factory, with Fender’s Justin Norvell delving into the changes in design ethos, guitar playing and manufacturing techniques that led up to its latest American-made series.

Norvell discusses the increase of flexibility Fender now has, with CAD and CNC processing allowing for greater design freedom and manufacturing tolerances. However he does also note that changing the shape of their flagship guitars is not something they do lightly – this is, after all, a factory where the original 1950s equipment still resides as a reminder of Fender’s legacy. Hence, most of the changes that have taken place are around the back of the guitars, with more ergonomic neck heels and back contouring.


More modern electronics needs are also being catered to with the new instruments, with the video giving a bit of insight into how Fender are achieving noiseless single-coils and consistent output from a coil-split humbucker. The exact details of how these are done however is, as Norvell says, a “trade secret.”

Find out more about the American Ultra Series at fender.com.