Check out this rare Stars and Stripes flag Gibson Explorer found by YouTube channel Trogly’s Guitar Show

A 28-hour trip was made to get hold of the guitar, which was being sold by a dealer.

A rare Stars and Stripes Gibson Explorer model has been purchased and shown off in a new video by Trogly’s Guitar Show. The model is thought to be one out of just five or six in existence.

Trogly – also known as Austin – made a 28-hour trip to get his hands on the unique model, which was for sale on Craigslist. He purchased it for an unknown amount after being tipped off about the item by a longtime viewer.

As explained in the video, the guitar formed part of Gibson’s Designer Series from the 1980s, which Trogly explains as “Gibson’s attempt to get in on the whole ‘80s craze of having graphics on your guitar, but offer them as factory options.”

Gibson didn’t design these graphics itself, but the original designer has reached out to Trogly, a man named Scott F. The mysterious Scott revealed to the YouTube show creator that the Design Series came as a chance collaboration when he worked on the then-CEO’s car and told him he was good with guitars.

Scott worked on the designs overnight at the factory and eventually had to hire other people to help him out with the high demand. As Trogly later explains, the series ended in 1985 when Gibson changed hands and its Norlin-era came to an end.

The Explorer has a mahogany body with a maple neck, an ebony fingerboard, 1984 Dirty Fingers humbuckers, stock white pickup covers and clear control knobs. It also hosts a Schaller bridge, and Schaller-style Gibson tuners. And the Stars and Stripes model isn’t the only one with a flag design, a range of other flags including a Union Jack design were also offered at the time.

Check out the full video below:

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