Gibson’s Mark Agnesi wants guitar to be “front and centre again in popular culture”

“My role is to push guitar culture forward,” the company’s Director of Brand Experience says.

Gibson’s Director of Brand Experience, Mark Agnesi, has expressed his desire to make the guitar “front and centre again” in popular culture.

Speaking with Guitar World, the former Normans Rare Guitars manager says that his focus is not so much “what guitar people are playing” but the “culture” surrounding the six-string.

“Anytime I see a nine-year-old kid who is into this stuff, like I was into this stuff when I was nine years old, I always grab them by the shoulder and bring them in the back [at the Gibson Garage in Nashville], sit them down and be like: ‘Here’s what you’ve been reading about. Play it. You now know more about this than 90 percent of the people who are commenting about it,’ Agnesi says.

“Anytime I can give them that opportunity, we got them for life; that kid’s gonna be a guitar player for life, and is going to hopefully do something great with the guitar.

He adds that “that’s ultimately all we’re trying to do: create more guitar players and push the culture along.”

“The guitar culture to me is far more important than what guitar people are playing. I just want more guitar players. And I want guitar front and centre again in popular culture. So any way we can move that forward, that’s what I’m here for.”

Agnesi continues: “I can’t build a guitar, I can’t wire an amp. I’m completely useless. Woodworking? That is not my role here. My role is to push guitar culture forward. At least, that’s what I think my role is, and what I’m trying to make my role be!”

Not long ago, the executive also shared a surprising answer for what he believes to be the best value-for-money guitar from the Gibson lineup, saying “If I had to pick one guitar out of the whole catalogue, and I was on a budget, I would probably go with the Les Paul TV Special just from Gibson USA.”

“Man, that guitar is killer. It’s under $2,000. And that’s a lifer, you know? You can do a lot with that guitar. And it looks like you’re playing a vintage guitar.”

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