Listen to this Black Sabbath and Aretha Franklin “soul metal” mashup

YouTuber Bill McClintock’s latest mashup has gone down a storm with fans.

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Black Sabbath and Aretha Franklin.

When you think of iconic music stars, both are likely to be firmly in the conversation. But they occupy very different areas of music – Black Sabbath, of course, were metal pioneers, whereas the late Franklin is often referred to as the Queen of Soul.

However, YouTuber Bill McClintock, who loves a good mashup, has combined the two for a soul metal smash.

The mashup is entitled Aretha Sabbath – Superfools, and commences with a Tony Iommi riff, before we’re treated to Franklin’s timeless voice. Ozzy Osbourne accompanies her in places too.

Then, there are guitar solos from Randy Rhoads and Zakk Wylde, to really round things off. Rhoads’ is shorter, but fitting for the lyrics it falls inbetween, while Wylde’s is longer, but no less fitting.

If the comments on the video are anything to go by, people are big fans of the resulting song. One called for McClintock to win a Grammy for “Best Mashup”, while another suggested Bill arrange a soul metal tour. Another said, “Man, that solo with Aretha wailing literally gave me goosebumps!”

Other mashups McClintock, who has 353,000 YouTube subscribers, has created bring together artists as varied as Five Finger Death Punch and Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley and Korn, and Coldplay and Slipknot. His most popular video is a festive Mariah Carey and Marilyn Manson mashup entitled All I Want For Christmas is the Beautiful People, with almost five million views to date.

You can watch and listen to the mashup here:

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