Meet Fender’s Jazzmaster and Telecaster hybrid

The new Parallel Universe Jazz-Tele is a mind-bending collision of the two guitars.

The third instrument of Fender’s Parallel Universe series has just been unleashed unto the world. And it’s another head-scratching, chin-stroking hybrid: The 2018 Limited Edition Jazz-Tele combines the looks of a Telecaster and the feature set of a Jazzmaster.

An ash Tele-style body with lacquer finish—in either Two-color Sunburst or Surf Green—and the Deluxe-style pickguard are the only indications of the country guitar. The rest of it’s all Jazzmaster. Two American Vintage ’65 Pure Vintage Jazzmaster single-coils grace the instrument, alongside an American Professional Jazzmaster bridge with Mustang saddles, a mid-’60s “C” neck profile, and the familiar ‘floral’ logo on the headstock.

White binding on the neck, 21 narrow-tall frets and ‘witch hat’ knobs ensure period-accuracy. But, as in most new Fender guitars, the fretboard radius on the Jazz-Tele has been modernized to 9.5 inches. And, for better or for worse, this axe doesn’t come with the Jazzmaster’s dual circuits, just a regular three-way switch.

Check it out here:

The Parallel Universe 2018 Limited Edition Jazz-Tele retails for $1,999. For more information, check out fender.com.


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