Friday, October 18, 2019

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10 best power supplies to buy in 2019

To save you the hassle of trawling the internet for the best available, we’ve picked out the 10 power supplies we believe are the best on the market today.

12 best boost pedals for guitarists

Whether you use it to tickle your tone or send an amp into overdrive, boost stompboxes are invaluable tools in any guitarist's rig.

Old Blood Noise Endeavors announces Signal Blender

Oklahoma-based boutique pedal manufacturer Old Blood Noise Endeavors have announced the new Signal Blender, available for pre-order now.

Xotic announces two new volume pedals

Each offers a different impedance, and a different colour.

Review: Walrus Audio EB-10

The Defcon4 EQ/boost pedal returns rebranded, with some of the proceeds heading to charitable causes.

Walrus Audio’s EB-10 pedal gives the Defcon 4 a new lease...

The EB-10 adds more flexibility to its EQ/boost formula.

The new Ananashead Range Booster is based on the Dallas Rangemaster

Modelled after the 1966 Dallas Rangemaster circuit.

Review: Kemper Profiler Stage

Kemper has changed the game for gigging guitarists once already. Can packing its Profiling technology into a roadworthy floor unit repeat the trick?

Review: Walrus Audio Deep Six Compressor V3

Looking for studio-quality dynamics in stompbox format? Walrus Audio has you covered with the latest version of the Deep Six compressor.

The Quilter Labs Interbass shapes your bass’ FOH and recording tone

The pedal-sized interface is designed for quieter gigs and home recording.

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