Friday, August 23, 2019

Tag: Utility

EAE’s StompMix 4 lets you mix with your feet

Four-channel mixer also features a compressor, limiter and high-pass filter.

Mooer’s Tone Capture GTR can sample the sound of any guitar

The Chinese brand has condensed its Tone Capture tech into a mini stomper.

Tyler Morris Designs makes two pedals available for public sale

The Turbo and Jimmy Vivino Turbo boosters give your tone a classic profile.

Spiral Electric FX’s White Spiral Boost is a JFET-based tone-lifter

Featuring a discreet Girth control that governs the level of low-end.

ThorpyFX takes the plunge with Heavy Water Dual High Headroom booster

Compact stomper ports over The Dane’s popular clean boost.

Darkglass Electronics’ Microtubes X Ultra is a versatile bass-shaping tool

Preamp/OD unit features multiband drive, graphic EQ and IR cab sims.

Fredric Effects’ Regent 150 preamp is inspired by an East German...

Compact stomper packs 40-year-old NOS East German transistors.

Review: Beetronics Overhive & Buzzter

From the masters of insect-themed steampunk styling, two more dirt machines that are creating a bit of a buzz… but not literally.

Summer NAMM 2019 Video: Boss releases multi-voiced SY-1 synth pedal

121 synth sounds with polyphonic character.

Review: Becos CompIQ Pro Stella Compressor

We’ve seen rackmount studio compressors with fewer controls than this little pedal from Romanian maker Becos. Can it possibly sound as ‘pro’ as it looks?

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