Dave Hunter

“Back in 2000 to 2005, what we would call a boutique pedal was different”: Pedal maker Brian Wampler on the ‘B-word’

Brian Wampler made the transition from garage workbench to custom manufacturing some time ago, and the artists lining up to declare their allegiance have helped make his effects mainstays of the market.

“There’s nothing wrong with finding an old church pew and making an instrument out of it”: Rick Kelly of Carmine Street Guitars

Rick Kelly’s guitars aren’t just made in New York – they’re built using the very fabric of the city.

“If you’re building guitars you’d want for yourself, you’re more passionate about it”: guitar maker Don Grosh

Riding skateboards and modding BMX bikes in SoCal in the 1970s, Don Grosh grew up in the shadow of some of the world’s biggest guitar manufacturers, but the key for this respected builder lies in keeping it small.

“I have an idea in my head, and I don’t see any reason I can’t accomplish it”: Dave Friedman talks motivation and sound

After three decades as an amplifier guru to the stars, Dave Friedman knows a thing or two about classic British rock tone and claims there’s plenty of life left in the 100-watt amplifier head.

“It felt like hot-rodding cars to me”: Robert Keeley on his career switch from engineering professor to star pedal maker

Some stars of the gear world have made a name for themselves by discerning a gap in the market and driving hard into it. For Robert Keeley, however, it was a love of audio electronics luring him toward the thing he was called to do – and finding he belonged there all along.

Talking Shop: Doug Kauer on automation and alternative tonewoods

In an industry that celebrates hand-built everything, it’s refreshing to hear a guitar maker openly declare that certain forms of automation just create better guitars. Doug Kauer celebrates the power of machines, while still valuing the creativity of human hands.

Meet Joe Yanuziello, a Canadian guitar-maker whose creations reveal greater depths the closer you look

“Once I’ve built an instrument and turned that idea in my head into a three-dimensional object, the big reward is having a musician use it to express themselves.”

“The connectivity between the guitar and myself, that vibration is critical”: Famed luthier John Page

Aside from Leo himself, few names are more redolent of Fender’s history than that of John Page, whose work continued to flourish once he left the California guitar empire.

“They are totally meant to be turned up!”: Amp-maker Phil Jamison on Matchless amplifiers

Don’t talk to Phil Jamison about the supposed magical ‘eras’ of Matchless amplifiers, thank you very much. They have all been great, and there’s evidence the California maker is building them better than ever.

“I have no interest in copying another guitar”: Joe Knaggs on his guitar-making ethos

After 25 years as production manager and designer with one of the most successful guitar brands of the modern era, Joe Knaggs decided to take his vision directly to the people.