Huw Baines

The Clash’s 20 greatest guitar moments, ranked

The Clash were one of the most influential bands in the first wave of punk, but were also one of the most experimental, embracing a wealth of new sounds and genres and making their guitar highlights a diverse but compelling collection.

“When Neil came up with this idea it was a Godsend”: Nils Lofgren on how working on Neil Young’s brand new album pulled him...

The Crazy Horse guitarist explains how being forced off the road after 40 years hit him harder than he imagined, and why working on Neil Young’s brand new record, Barn, helped him rediscover his creativity through the power of friendship.

“The Heartbreakers was a band full of love”: Mike Campbell on life without Tom Petty, and revisiting his secret surf record 20 years on

The Heartbreakers guitarist on why after 20 years he’s finally putting his name to faux-‘pioneering surf band’ The Blue Stingrays, the pride he now feels looking back on the music he made with Tom Petty, and which one guitar in his jaw-dropping collection he always remembers to put back in its case when he’s done.