Huw Baines

Introducing… Katy Kirby, the Texan songwriter approaching indie-rock with a clean slate

Kirby’s evangelical Christian upbringing meant she grew up without many of the pop touchstones the rest of us take for granted, but it also means the guitarist’s debut album comes from a place unburdened by its baggage.

The Genius Of… Spiderland by Slint

Slint’s second and final LP somehow became one of the most influential guitar albums of recent times, spawning multiple genres in the course of its six tracks.

​Meet Sun June: The Austin rockers reimagining pop’s classic vocabulary

We chat to frontwoman Laura Colwell and guitarists Stephen Salisbury and Michael Bain about their new album Somewhere, accidentally writing country songs, and esoteric guitar playing.

“The electric guitar was my first love”: Chrissie Hynde on Telecasters, the magic of bands, and the power of telling people to stick it

The Pretenders’ legend on why she only ever wanted to play rhythm, how she’s “won by default” with her brand new signature Fender Telecaster, and why she very nearly talked herself out of the whole thing…