Josh Gardner

“Guitar was my everything”: Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker on 10 years of InnerSpeaker

In the decade since Tame Impala’s debut album, Kevin Parker’s psychedelic rock project has grown into a Grammy-nominated behemoth. But back then it was just about a man, his guitar and the Indian Ocean.

“It was a massive learning experience”: Walrus Audio on developing an amp sim and the future of the Mako range

Walrus’ Colt Westbrook and Jason Stulce give us the lowdown on the future of the Mako range, why they don’t want to be like Tesla, and why they’ll never stop making pedals that “are simple and sound great”.

Josh Scott explains why he made a musical about effects pedals… and why he’s just getting started

The JHS Pedals founder explains how Pedals: The Musical was a labour of love, why this is just the start for his guitar-related productions, and just how they turned actors into singing, dancing stompboxes…

“I missed making ugly sounds!” Julien Baker tears up the formula on new album Little Oblivions

Julien Baker’s latest album is bold, ambitious and keeps gut-punch songwriting heart at its core. We caught up with her to talk self-doubt, chasing ‘ugly’ sounds and pursuing guitar virtuosity to prove a point.

Review: Ernie Ball VPJR Tuner

With its two-in-one approach, Ernie Ball’s latest innovation aims to combine two functional stalwarts to give you more room for sexy stuff on your board, with some handy extra features to boot.

Meet the man who scaled a 3,000m mountain with his guitar just to record a song

Guitarist Jordi Mestre has always been inspired by the mountains, but his new Soul Mountain project combines his loves in a way that few others would ever think of – and even fewer would dare to attempt…

Julien Baker admits she felt “tortured” about putting drums on her new record

We caught up with the Tennessean to talk self-doubt, pursuing guitar virtuosity to prove a point, chasing ‘ugly’ sounds, and why spending two hours trying to get your head around a new effects pedal is a valid form of self-care…