Way Huge

Reverb and Jeorge Tripps announce ultra-limited run of 10 Fuzz Face pedals

The pedals are tied in with Reverb’s upcoming documentary The Pedal Movie.

Way Huge’s Chalky Box is now available

Ready to chalk up your own pedal?

Way Huge launches a pedal you can call whatever you want

The limited edition of The Saucy Box overdrive comes in chalkboard paint for easy customising.

Jim Dunlop unveils the new Way Huge Smalls Pork & Pickle

The Bass Overdrive & Fuzz now comes in a smaller package.

Way Huge goes covert with the Conspiracy Theory Professional Overdrive

This stomper is based on a “mythical overdrive circuit”.

Interview: Jeorge Tripps on his perennial relationship with pedals

He’s worked with Joe Bonamassa, Eric Johnson, Eddie Van Halen and the Jimi Hendrix Estate and designed an effects pedal that spawned whole new genres of music. Not bad for an engineer who began his career as a self-confessed “pain in the ass” to the big boys. We meet Way Huge main man Jeorge Tripps…

NAMM 2019: Dunlop unveils new pedals, updates to existing lines

New MXR and Way Huge pedals, a Billy Gibbons-inspired fuzz box, and more.

Dunlop announces three new offerings

Namely, a compact power supply, a mini bass octave pedal, and a Way Huge drive/octave stompbox.