Monday, July 22, 2019


Jay Som Melina Duterte

“It takes a while to build your self-esteem with any instrument”: Jay Som

Melina Duterte talks the process behind the follow-up to 2017’s Everybody Works, her developing identity as a guitarist and finding community in her new home of Los Angeles.

Fender’s Tim Shaw discusses the Vintera era-specific pickups

Fender’s in-house electronics guru Tim Shaw on how the evolution of Fender’s golden-era pickups informed Vintera Series R&D.
Guthrie Govan and The Aristocrats Black and White

Guthrie Govan talks perfect practice, unimportant solos and the new Aristocrats album

The shred-guitar virtuoso opens up on why solos don’t matter to songs, what really annoys him at gigs and the importance of comedy…

You Ask: How to repair fretboard divots caused by heavy gauge strings

We help this reader navigate a tricky fretboard issue.
Silversun Pickups group shot seated

Silversun Pickups’ Brian Aubert on getting sober and rediscovering his love of acoustic guitar

As the US alt-rockers return with their fifth album, we spoke to guitarist and frontman Brian Aubert about sobriety, rediscovering acoustic guitars and why he likes to keep it uniform…

Your Board: Andrew Bentley’s versatile rig for late-60s tones and beyond

This reader shares his fondness for UK-made gear, including a certain OD box sporting a radio mast decal.
Vacuum tubes side by side

You Ask: What’s the big deal with tube emulation technology?

As amp modelling advances, will we be able to distinguish emulation from the real deal?

Bleached break down five songs from their new album, Don’t You Think You’ve Had...

The sister duo talk using vintage gear, the influence of The Cure, the disco punk sound of single Hard To Kill and more.

“We’re more focused than we’ve been in a long time”: hybrid rock veterans Torche

Guitarists Steve Brooks and Jonathan Nuñez discuss the band’s musical evolution and how they developed both a gear line and album at the same time.
Russ Chell

Russ Chell is bridging the worlds of rock and rap

We talk to the New York artist, whose Spaghetti Western-inspired guitar lines introduce Lil Nas X's song Rodeo, about hip-hop's growing love affair with the six-string.

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