“I’m still having fun with guitars”: Pete Townshend on Clapton, Hendrix, The Who and coping with lockdown life

As The Who's guitar-smasher puts the finishing touches on a box-set for his first concept album The Who Sell Out, we caught up with the 75-year-old to look back at his memories of that time, his lockdown-induced GAS, and why guitars are rather like puppies.

Introducing… Holly Macve, the country artist with a widescreen vision on her “coming-of-age” sophomore album

Galway-born singer and guitarist Holly Macve on the “bigger and more expansive” sound of Not The Girl, the hand-built guitar that feels like home and writing her third album before her second has even been released.

The IT Crowd’s Matt Berry on his dream signature guitar and the Boss pedal he can’t live without

The IT Crowd and Mighty Boosh star, musician and writer tells us about his first guitar, his love of a ‘boring’ pedal and why he would put someone else’s name on his signature model.

Emily Hastings introduces Positive Grid’s stunning Spark Pearl

Spark Pearl is a new special edition of Positive Grid’s best-selling practice amp. But its available for a limited time – so be sure to act fast!

“I don’t want to make knock-offs. I have my own style”: Bill Asher of Asher Guitars

A rare contemporary guitar maker who’s had as much success with lap steels as he has with Spanish-style electrics, Bill Asher has also logged an impressive number of star clients.