“We’ve never stopped. This thing is our life and we don’t know anything else”: Teenage Fanclub on touring with Nirvana and new album Endless...

35 years into a career that now spans 11 studio albums, we caught up with guitarists Norman Blake and Raymond McGinley to talk cheap offsets, touring with Nirvana and Radiohead, and why they’re feeling stronger than ever.

From Voboam to Page: The epochal renaissance of the multi-neck guitar

When Jimmy Page took to the stage rocking his double-necked EDS-1275 in 1971, it might have felt like a new era of rock ‘n’ roll excess, but in fact the multi-necked guitar has a long and varied history that goes back much further.

​Reverend and the Makers’ Ed Cosens steps out of his own shadow on solo debut Fortunes Favour

Better known for his work as the guitarist in Reverend and the Makers, the Sheffield-born songwriter has decided to put his inhibitions to one side and let his “pride and joy” guitars do the talking.

Meet Night Flight: the London four-piece blending George Harrison-esque songwriting with Malian influences

Drawing on their love of Laurel Canyon-era records, lead-songwriter Sam Holmes and guitarist Harry Phillips discuss taking a sympathetic approach to playing guitar and the influence of a 1960 Silvertone U1.

“Guitar was my everything”: Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker on 10 years of InnerSpeaker

In the decade since Tame Impala’s debut album, Kevin Parker’s psychedelic rock project has grown into a Grammy-nominated behemoth. But back then it was just about a man, his guitar and the Indian Ocean.