7 artists who deserve a Gibson signature Flying V

The Flying V is one of the most iconic guitars ever produced, and many music icons have wielded it on stage and in the studio. Here are the artists we think deserve their own signature Gibson model.

The last days of Leo Fender

Leo Fender is perhaps the most important figure in the history of the electric guitar, but very little attention is given to his work after leaving the company that bore his name – but he kept working, and kept inventing right until the end. This is the story of the final days of an icon.

A brief history of Mesa/Boogie

The world’s most famous boutique amp brand has been bringing high gain to the pros for over 50 years, but it all started with one man who didn’t even take electronics class in high-school.

Cause & Effects: Are vintage effects pedals always the best examples of their type?

In recent years the ‘vintage is best’ mantra that was once the preserve of guitars and amps has become increasingly prevalent in the effects world too. But are old pedals really better than their modern counterparts? Thorpy FX head honcho Adrian Thorpe investigates.