Thursday, September 19, 2019


frank turner

“It’s not first and foremost a piece of activism”: Frank Turner on his new...

Frank Turner discusses the thought process behind his new album No Man’s Land, what he’s learned about Dora Hand and remaining a student throughout.
john martyn acoustic guitar

John Martyn: “Playing live is a very rewarding thing to do, the nicest way...

John Martyn had battled through some serious health difficulties to create a fine album when we caught up with the folk maestro on the comeback trail to talk gear, effects and recently broken guitars in this interview from March 2004.
aerosmith joe perry

Joe Perry on Aerosmith: “We were the garage band that really made it big...

The guitar icon tells us how Boston’s Aerosmith have sailed through 30 choppy, controversial and hit-packed years in the business and still wear the crown of America’s Greatest Rock ’N’ Roll Band.
earthquaker devices plumes

Jamie Stillman and Julie Robbins of EarthQuaker Devices talk working with Sunn O)))

Can you still fly the ‘boutique’ flag once your roster hits 50 employees and you’ve won a Small Business Exporter Of The Year Award? EQD’s Jamie Stillman and Julie Robbins talk maintaining the small-shop attitude in a big-shop world.
Terry Reid rocking a strat

The life and times of Terry Reid, who turned down Led Zep and now...

The singer and guitarist looks back at his role at the heart of British pop music in the 60s and 70s – including touring with the Stones, witnessing Hendrix’s first UK gig and what really happened when he was asked to join Jimmy Page’s new band in 1968.
Geezer Butler 1976 black and white Getty

“We were outsiders fans related to”: Geezer Butler on Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath’s Geezer Butler enjoyed a 50-year ride with Black Sabbath. But the lure of playing music proved too strong to resist – and now he’s back with a new rock ‘supergroup’, Deadland Ritual.
Filipe Pampuri

Filipe Pampuri of Beetronics FX explains the buzz about his pedals

With stunning scuzzy sounds and equally stunning enclosures and build quality, Beetronics has become one of the hottest brands in the effects world. We chatted to the Los Angeles company’s affable head honcho, Filipe Pampuri.
frankie cosmos

Frankie Cosmos dissect their favourite guitar parts on Close It Quietly

NY’s Frankie Cosmos explore odd time signatures and let the drummer write guitar parts on their fourth long player.
Anthony Pirog

Meet Anthony Pirog, the virtuoso guitarist exploring improv noise in The Messthetics

The Jazzmaster-toting guitarist has recruited an unbeatable backing duo from Fugazi to move from avant-garde jazz into something altogether more uncompromising.
long beard leslie bear

Meet Long Beard, dream pop’s rising star who explores nostalgia on new album Means...

Rising musician Leslie Bear talks collaborating with Japanese Breakfast producer Craig Hendrix on her sophomore record.

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