Monday, March 25, 2019


Slash gibson

Slash talks Gibson’s revival: “Their new guitars are amazing!”

Les Paul legend Slash takes a backstage break to tell why he believes Gibson is back on track, and tells us about his new signature Les Paul model.
John Petrucci Interview feature

Interview: John Petrucci on Dream Theater’s new album, Distance Over Time

On the verge of 14th album Distance Over Time, the spectacularly talented guitarist sees Dream Theater celebrate their 30th anniversary with two Grammy Award nominations and millions of album sales to their name. We sit down with Petrucci about the blues, signature gear and why Joe Satriani still amazes him.
milkman sound tim marcus

Interview: Milkman Sound’s Tim Marcus has Californian soul

From humble beginnings in a Haight apartment in 2006, Milkman Sound’s Tim Marcus has handcrafted a range of superb-sounding boutique amps – using his pedal-steel background to inform their design…
david gilmour pink floyd

52 quick tips from guitar all-stars

A tip for every week of the year...
Mick Taylor That Pedal Show

Interview: Mick Taylor of That Pedal Show

The effects guru and guitar-industry veteran invents the sushi-and-scrumpy combo, explains how to evaluate a guitar in 10 seconds flat and exits stage front…
KMA Audio Machines

Interview: Enrico Preuss of KMA Audio Machines

German pedal builder Enrico Preuß explains the evolution of his company, KMA Audio Machines, pedal builds of convenience and the benefits of having tolerant flatmates while you handcraft and test out your range…
Jeorge Tripps interview feature

Interview: Jeorge Tripps on his perennial relationship with pedals

He’s worked with Joe Bonamassa, Eric Johnson, Eddie Van Halen and the Jimi Hendrix Estate and designed an effects pedal that spawned whole new genres of music. Not bad for an engineer who began his career as a self-confessed “pain in the ass” to the big boys. We meet Way Huge main man Jeorge Tripps…

Interview: Adam Bergen of Nanolog Audio Inc

Founded by a pair of PhD research officers from the National Institute for Nanotechnology in Alberta, Canada, Nanolog is bringing cutting-edge science to analogue effects pedals. Founder Adam Bergen tells us more...

Interview: Zoran Kraljevic of Dawner Prince Electronics

Dawner Prince’s digital and analogue fusions have seen the Croatian effects company build an impressive reputation. Founder Zoran Kraljevic charts his firm’s growth from a uni side project to working with David Gilmour…
1981 inventions

Interview: Matthew Hoopes of 1981 Inventions

How did a pedal-builder from Nashville produce the most sought-after new stompbox on the planet? We chat to 1981 Inventions main man Matthew Hoopes about how the DRV became an online phenomenon…

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