Wednesday, May 22, 2019


Earth’s upcoming album, Full Upon Her Burning Lips, is a masterclass in minimalism

Dylan Carlson talks Full Upon Her Burning Lips, GAS and collaborations.

Funk master and Berklee tutor Tomo Fujita on the gear and players he loves

The Berklee tutor, sessioneer and all-round funk genius on dodgy batteries, the beauty of basic amps and why it’s always important to know when it’s lunchtime.
BB King concert

A conversation with the King Of The Blues, BB King

In this wide-ranging interview from our archives, the King Of The Blues talks technique, his all-time favourite song and why he loves old cowboy movies.

Rory Gallagher’s nephew Daniel discovers gold in the archives on new album, Blues

The story behind the Irish guitar legend’s new album, and the labour of love unearthing it.
Ron Thorn

“It’s still a hot-rod shop here!”: Ron Thorn of the Fender Custom Shop

Meet Ron Thorn, one of the world’s most skilled guitar-makers and inlay artists, whose exceptional creations for the Fender Custom Shop represent the best and most imaginative designs that Cali’s “hot-rod shop” has to offer.
ex hex

Ex Hex are bringing big, brazen 80s rock back

How headphone amps and channelling Def Leppard led to the creation of the DC power trio’s new album, It’s Real.
devin townsend

How Devin Townsend dropped the comedy to create a genre-melding solo record

The boundary-defying prog-metal maestro on why he’s put comedy to one side and is feeling “truly alive” on new solo album, Empath.
Bill Frisell

Bill Frisell is on the hunt for the next musical epiphany

The esteemed guitarist on being himself, letting go of theory, and why he’s happy to blur the genre lines.
James Burton

Meet James Burton, the father of the chicken pickin’ technique

A session ace, sideman to the stars and contributor to a laundry list of hit records, James Burton remains one of the Telecaster’s greatest exponents. In this archive interview, he tells us about Elvis, the Beach Boys and how he invented a little style known as chicken picking.
Danny Gatton

Danny Gatton was a tinkerer, genre-hopper and Tele master

Blues, jazz, country, rockabilly – Danny Gatton mixed all these together, sometimes in the space of a single bar. This is the story of one of the greatest electric guitarists of all time, and a man who redefined what a Telecaster could do.

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