Thursday, January 17, 2019


Marty Friedman

Interview: Marty Friedman, One Bad M.F.

The ex-Megadeth axeman breaks down his latest live album.

Watch Barrie Cadogan play a ’59 Gibson Les Paul and chat guitar

The prolific guitarist sheds light on the instrument.
brian gerhard tophat amplification

Interview: Brian Gerhard of TopHat Amplification

Boutique mainstay TopHat Amplification is the brainchild of North Carolina native Brian Gerhard, whose pioneering engineering and choice use of materials has kept him ahead of the game for 24 years and counting.
kurt vile

Interview: Kurt Vile, indie rocker and slacker deity

Over the last five years, Kurt Vile has risen to the status of slacker-messiah to the US indie-rock scene: but he’s also a phenomenal guitar player, a pin-sharp songwriter, and a Jaguar evangelist.
1958 Jazzmaster Fender

Interview: Valentine McCallum, sideman to Jackson Browne

As a sideman, versatile guitarist Val McCallum has the dream gig – he tours the world playing the Jackson Browne songbook. As a sessioneer, he’s laid down tracks for a roll call of A-list stars, and as a solo artist, he’s written critically acclaimed love songs.
Lonely the brave mark trotter

Interview: Mark Trotter of Lonely The Brave

The guitarist and gear hound on falling over, Esquires and taking a highway to the 'Danger Zone'.
Ry X

Interview: Ry X, Aussie guitarist and soundtracker of adverts

The up-and-coming musician talks Danos, shack-building, and open-air mic mishaps.
Jesse Wells Welles

Interview: Jesse Wells, the man behind Welles

Hot-shot Arkansan guitarist Jesse Wells is earning a reputation as his alter-ego Welles. We discover that a love of classic rock and gear is at the root of his philosophy.
joshua burnside

Interview: Joshua Burnside

With a growing audience on both sides of the Atlantic, Joshua Burnside’s star is on the rise. The Irish guitarist tells us about his globe-trotting musical outlook.

Interview: Saves The Day’s Chris Conley on their first new album in five years

On fatherhood, fuzzy riffs and feeling like a new band all over again.