Wednesday, June 26, 2019


The Amazons press shot against wooden cabinet

“I cut the tip off my index finger on my fretting hand making a...

The Amazons’ guitarist on their new album Future Dust, finding catharsis in his rock ’n’ roll heroes and the pains of being the designated chef…

“No camera captures the finish correctly”: Martin Miller on his stunning Ibanez MM1

The fusion specialist takes us on a spec tour of his dream axe.

“Essentially, I’m cheating at the guitar”: Tom Quayle

The British guitarist shares his unique approach to the six-string and why he uses the eccentric tuning known as "all 4ths".
Rodrigo y Gabriela

How Rodrigo y Gabriela changed their style to make their most experimental album yet

The Mexican guitar duo on changing approaches, throwing caution to the wind, their five years in the wilderness – and why they’re not as good at guitar as people think they are.

Pelican’s Trevor de Brauw breaks down four tracks from Nighttime Stories

The guitarist details how the atmospheric rockers’ sixth studio album was put together.

Dinosaur Pile-Up’s Matt Bigland picks his guitar highlights from new album, Celebrity Mansions

Dinosaur Pile-Up frontman and guitarist Matt Bigland picks his five favourite tracks from the UK band’s major-label debut.

Charlie Cunningham’s major-label debut combines the beauty of flamenco guitar with Jazzmasters

The London-via-Seville nylon-string player takes us on a more mature and introspective journey on Permanent Way, his first outing for a major label.

After shooting to stardom, Phum Viphurit is all grown up now

Over a year since his international hit Lover Boy, Phum tells us how life has changed.

Lamb of God’s Mark Morton breaks down 2004’s Ashes Of The Wake

As Lamb Of God reissue their seminal album Ashes Of The Wake to mark its 15th anniversary, we chat with guitarist Mark Morton to look back on a hugely important time in the metal titans’ career…

Nik Azam of Ceriatone Amplification is not afraid of ruffling feathers

Britain and the US might traditionally be the homes of overdriven thermionics, but one maker in Malaysia has been satisfying countless guitarists’ quests for high-quality, hand-wired tone for a solid decade and a half. We talk to CeriaTone founder and proprietor Nik Azam to find out how it’s done…

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