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electric guitar amplifier tubes

Ask The Amp Guy: When should I replace the tubes in my amp?

A quick guide on how to gauge when the tubes in your amp are in need of swapping out.

Your next guitar could be about to become significantly more expensive

How Trump's trade war with China and a no-deal Brexit could have a major impact on the guitar industry, and push up prices for the consumer.
Line 6 Relay G10

You Ask: What are my wireless options for home guitar rigs?

Tired of tripping over instrument leads? It might be time for 'shorter' cables.
Identifying Outer Foil on Capacitors

You Ask: What’s an outer foil in guitar amps?

Tweaking this capacitor component can make your amp less vulnerable to external signal interferences.

You Ask: How to repair fretboard divots caused by heavy gauge strings

We help this reader navigate a tricky fretboard issue.
Vacuum tubes side by side

You Ask: What’s the big deal with tube emulation technology?

As amp modelling advances, will we be able to distinguish emulation from the real deal?
gibson es-335

Is the ES-335 trademark fight Gibson’s biggest legal battle yet?

The resumption of a five-year-old case in US court could mean the company loses its trademark on one of the most iconic body shapes ever.
chapman ml1 cap10

You Ask: What’s the best way to have your electric guitar autographed?

You're at a meet-and-greet with your favourite guitarist, and you want your six-string autographed. What do you use?
PRS Guitars factory

Is Gibson vs Dean a serious case of déjà vu?

Back in the 2000s, Gibson and PRS went toe-to-toe over the Singlecut’s apparent similarities to the Les Paul. Here’s what happened.
Fender tweed Deluxe amp on white floorboards

You Ask: What do I look out for when acquiring a tweed amp?

We guide this reader on the road to tweed.

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