From Voboam to Page: The epochal renaissance of the multi-neck guitar

When Jimmy Page took to the stage rocking his double-necked EDS-1275 in 1971, it might have felt like a new era of rock ‘n’ roll excess, but in fact the multi-necked guitar has a long and varied history that goes back much further.

How Kevin Shields and My Bloody Valentine changed the course of guitar playing forever

Back in the late 80s, My Bloody Valentine revolutionised many players’ ideas of what a guitar sounded like. It was a mix of borrowed gear, happy accidents and “sound as an infinite horizon”… and still sounds awesome.

My Bloody Valentine, Kevin Shields and me: recording guitar with a shoegaze icon

Guitar.com’s Huw Price was a studio engineer for My Bloody Valentine during their early 90s pomp: with the band’s hugely influential back catalogue finally available on streaming platforms, he looks back at the unique experience working with the Sultans Of Shoegaze.