Rare Guitars: Gary Gand’s ’67 Gibson Trini Lopez Standard

Gary’s 1967 Trini Lopez Standard is a stunner – and Trini himself happens to be Gary’s next-door neighbour.

Over the years, industry veteran Gary Gand has stockpiled as an enviable trove of six-strings as he has incredible stories. One such guitar in his collection is this ’67 Gibson Trini Lopez Standard.

This guitar remains totally original with its bright chrome hardware, cherry-red finish, nylon bridge saddles and witch-hat knobs. Similar to an ES-335 of the same year, it’s the diamond-shaped f-holes, split-diamond inlays, Firebird headstock and an engraved plaque on the trapeze tailpiece that makes it that much cooler. Here, we’ve paired it with one of Trini’s own amplifiers, a circa 1965 Fender Princeton with his name sprayed on the grille cloth.


“Trini is the nicest guy in the world,” a gushing Gary tells us of the influential guitarist. “He has the best stories, talking about how Sinatra was ‘such a nice man’ and Dean Martin this, Princess Grace [Kelly] that.”

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