Michael James Adams

Tech Talk: How to set pickup heights

Many players replace their pickups before they’ve even experimented with the way their heights are set. Knowing how to do this could save you some money and unlock some authentic shoegaze tones into the bargain.

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Fixing a tiny guitar presents unique challenges.

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Vibrato making an annoying ‘clunk’ when the arm is depressed? Here’s how to fix it

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Changes in temperature and humidity can play havoc with guitars, from the fretboard to the tuners.

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How a box-set binge turned me into a guitar detective

Like many of us, Michael James Adams found himself watching a lot of TV in the last few months – and one episode of Veronica Mars inspired him to become our very own guitar Columbo.

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Strings breaking at the tuner end? Here’s how to fix it.

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Adding a shiny new vibrato to a guitar with vintage or relic’d hardware can spoil the aesthetic. Find out how to make it your brand-new Bigsby look like it has aged gracefully.