The 2023 Best Black Friday amp deals: get loud for less

Need something to plug that new guitar into? There’s lots to be saved on getting loud, whether you want to go solid-state or tubes, or even portable!

Best Black Friday Amp Deals
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So you’ve grabbed a new electric guitar in the Black Friday sales – but what are you going to plug it into? Well, luckily the savings extend to amplifiers as well! Yes, Cyber Week is upon us, and retailers across the globe are slashing prices on their guitar amps.

There are loads of deals on everything from boutique hand-wired tube combos to modelling amps to portable practice amps – so whether you’re in the market for a great new pedal platform to gig with, or just want to plug in headphones at home, we’ve picked out the 10 best deals across the USA and UK.

If you’re still building up your shopping baskets, don’t forget to head over to our hub, too, to make sure you’re getting the best deals out there – there’s lots to be had this Cyber Week!

Best Black Friday Amplifier deals, at a glance:


$1,000 off this Marshall JCM900

JCM 900

Need to get loud? A 100-watt Marshall will always have you covered in that regard. And right now there’s and obscene $1,000 saving to be had at zZounds.

Save 15% on this Friedman BE-MINI head

Friedman Be Mini

This amp is just a little guy, but don’t be deceived: there’s still 30 watts of Marshall-inspired punch being packed here. It’s already an affordable prospect, but here’s your chance to get it for just under $213!

$50 off the BOSS Katana 100 MkII

Boss Katana 100

This 2×12 combo has it all – it’s a really flexible amp that’s more than just a practice tool. It’s loud and versatile enough to handle basically any situation!

20% off MESA/Boogie’s Mini Rectifier 25

Mesa Rectifier 25

It’s all the metal-plated high-gain you could need, but in a more sensible 25 watt format – neither your spine or your ears will be immediately shattered. Guitar Center is currently offering a tempting %20 off this high-gain beast!

24% off the Positive Grid Spark Go

Positive Grid Spark Go

A portable powerhouse, Positive Grid’s Spark Go is a pretty pocketable practice tool, meaning you can potentially polish your playing prowess in whatever place you prefer. Plus, preserve your pocket-money by paying 24 per cent less!

Save $80 on the Universal Audio Dream ‘65

UAFX Dream '65

Ever wanted a Fender amp that fits in a gig-bag? Universal Audio has you covered, and if the price was making you wait on this excellent amp-pedal, it’s now only $319!


Save £89 on a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe IV

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

You’ve seen this in countless backlines – it’s a reliable pedal platform that’s more than loud enough for any gig! And you can grab a great deal with nearly £90 off the amp at PMT.

£53 off this Line 6 Catalyst 60

Line 6 Catalyst

This modelling amplifier is an affordable and flexible solution if you need a practice amp, or even a starter gigging amplifier – plus with the savings from Thomann it’s cheaper than your average overdrive! Fans of the Boss Katana will find its form-factor familiar, but here the amp models are of course courtesy of Line 6’s tried and tested digital approach.

Save £105 on the Tone Master Twin Reverb combo

Fender Tone Master Twin Reverb

Fender’s Tone Master range is a masterful implementation of digital modelling into a more traditional form factor. Thanks to the approach, this amp is much lighter than a tube-fed Twin Reverb, and thanks to Black Friday, it’s 10% off!

Save 13% on this Morgan Amplification AC20

Morgan AC20

This gorgeous AC30-inspired amp has gotten a hefty discount over at Thomann. Is the missing piece of your rig now a little bit more attainable? Maybe so, especially if you’re on the lookout for a handwired-in-the-USA combo!

Save 10% on this Blackstar St James 50-watt 6L6 combo

Blackstar St James

First Blackstar took off the power transformer and the heavy cabinet to make one of the lightest tube combos ever – and then PMT took off a further 10%!

Remember, these are just the deals that caught our eye. You can browse the full lineup of Black Friday deals on amplifiers over at all the big retailers:


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