Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Tag: Amplifiers

Five of the best amps from Summer NAMM 2019

From vintage reissues to digital modellers, these are our picks of the best amps from Summer NAMM 2019 in Nashville.

Summer NAMM 2019: Meet the Kemper Profiler Stage, a floor-based version...

The most accurate and realistic digital guitar amplifier on earth gets scaled down to a multi-effects sized floorboard.

Summer NAMM 2019 Video: Daniel Donato plays the Blackstar HT Club...

The Nashville native shows off the Northamptonshire company's American-inspired new combo

Summer NAMM 2019 Video: Boss’ Waza speakers can now be purchased...

The brand also shared more about the new 200 series pedals and WL-60 wireless system.

Summer NAMM 2019 Video: The Poly Digit is a touchscreen-equipped amp...

The Digit by Melbourne-based Poly Effects is a quad channel delay, reverb and mixer with a fully functioning integrated cab sim. Four delay engines can...

Summer NAMM 2019 Video: Jimmy Page announces Standard Model Sundragon Amplifier

Based on the limited-edition model unveiled in January.

Summer NAMM 2019 Video: Line 6’s new Spider V MkII is...

"There's a Spider V MkII amp for every guitarist," the brand claims.

Summer NAMM 2019 Video: Watch Mark Johnston of Ambient Notes demo...

The amp's retro vibes meet waves of swirling, washed-out guitars.

Summer NAMM 2019 Video: EHX remakes 70s Dirt Road Special amp

Organic overdrive, gritty crunch and multiple reverbs.

Summer NAMM 2019: EVH introduces a pair of 5150III 50-watt combos

Two amps voiced for modern British tones.

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