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Balaguer Guitars launches the Hyperion Bass

Balaguer Guitars launches the Hyperion Bass

Responding to calls from fans world-wide, Balaguer Guitars has added a bass to its Hyperion range. The Hyperion Bass gets its good looks from the six-strings in the series, and is available as a production line model and a semi-custom one.

The production line Hyperion Bass sports a mahogany body and neck, ebony fretboard, 22 frets and a 35-inch scale length that delivers clear and punchy tones. Two J-style humbuckers power this unit, while two volume knobs and one “Blend” control help you shape your tone to perfection. It comes in Satin Silverburst or Satin Trans Black.

If you go for a semi-custom instrument, you can pick headstock shapes, finish and body woods such as alder, korina and ash. Flame, spalted and quilted maple tops are also among the options. You can even choose P-style pickups, or go for a five-stringer instead.

The Hyperion Bass lists for $1,099. For more information, check out balaguerguitars.com.