Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Tag: Bass Guitars

G&L launches the Fallout Short Scale Bass

Great for those who want a light, on-the-go bass or are used to smaller instruments.

pandaMidi’s Future Impact V3 is an immensely powerful bass synth pedal

Featuring in-depth sound editing and “lightning-fast” tracking.

A Sgt. Pepper Hofner bass, signed by Paul McCartney, is up...

The sale will benefit the charity Beyond Freedom.

Trickfish launches the Minnow, a Bass Preamp & DI

The box comes with extensive EQ controls and an XLR-out.

Tech 21 announces the Steve Harris Signature SH1

The Iron Maiden bassist’s tones have been squeezed into a tiny enclosure.

Duesenberg’s Triton is a three-pickup, long-scale bass guitar

The long-scale bass arrives in sleek Gold Top and Black finishes.

Cort’s Action HH4 and HH5 basses are steeped in sonic potential

Five-way switch provides you with multiple pickup settings.

Lost Lemmy country duet, The Mask, is rediscovered

A lost country duet from legendary Motörhead bassist and frontman Lemmy Kilmister has resurfaced.

Fender Custom Shop reveals Phil Lynott signature bass

This bass doesn't come with a Bad Reputation.

Cort’s GB74 Gig bass is brimming with tones

Versatile instrument can be used for practice and live performances.

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