Chase Bliss Audio unveils analog delay pedal

The Thermae stompbox brings harmonizing and pitch-shift functions to a bucket-brigade delay.

Chase Bliss Thermae

Chase Bliss Audio may (facetiously) attribute the inspiration of its new analog delay pedal to traditional Greek bath houses, yet the Thermae is decidedly modern. It packs harmonizing and pitch-shift functions, so alongside a more typical delay, you can conjure wild and wacky sounds from your guitar, too.

The Thermae uses four reissued MN3005 bucket-brigade delay chips, which grant you the ability to assign multiple delay times and, as a result, harmonizing intervals. You can even sequence—and trigger—those intervals automatically or with a footswitch. A series of smaller switches at the top of the unit allows you to produce even crazier tones.

Although the stompbox is analog, Chase Bliss was able to include all those features thanks to digital manipulation. Each knob and switch on the pedal is connected to a “little digital brain,” according to the company, that doesn’t actually process your signal, keeping it truly analog.

Watch the video below—shot in an actual bath house, no less—to find out more:

The Thermae lists for $499 and will be available in May. For more information, check out


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