Saturday, April 20, 2019

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The inside story of Walrus Audio’s Slö Multi Texture Reverb, one...

We chat to Walrus Audio designer Jason Barrows to get the lowdown on what makes the innovative new ambient-effects stompbox different.

10 best signature effects pedals

Featuring units made for Joe Bonamassa, Billie Joe Armstrong, Andy Timmons and many more...

Refine your acoustic tone with Audified’s new ToneSpot Acoustic Pro plug-in

A channel strip tool with processing power, effects and more.

Invoke the Sandman with Walrus Audio’s Slö Multi Texture Reverb

Designed for lush, sleepy tones.

Review: Walrus Audio Slö Multi Texture Reverb

A handwired box of dreamlike reverb flavours for the unhurried texturenaut. Time to tune up, turn up and zone out…

Becos Effects’ CompIQ Pro Stella Compressor features rack-style controls on a...

Provides a range of functions including compression and harmonic distortion.

Review: Keeley Synth-1

Fresh from the secret lair of boutique-stompbox overlord Robert Keeley comes a Moog-inspired monophonic synth with some hidden tricks.

Echo Fix’s EF-X2 might be the next evolution in tape echo...

High-tech machinery meets classic effect.

MOD kits DIY introduces germanium diodes to the Thunderdrive Deluxe Ltd

The new pedal also features clipping settings from its forebears.

Klevgrand releases Stark Amp Simulator

The all-inclusive software is available on PC, Mac or iPad.

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