Behringer teases new guitar pedal/eurorack module hybrid units

Modular synth nerds and pedal nerds do have quite the overlap, to be fair.

Why Ernie Ball’s VPJR Tuner represents the future of pedalboard convenience

With its dual-function design, Ernie Ball’s latest pedal innovation points the way to a more streamlined pedalboard future.

“Back in 2000 to 2005, what we would call a boutique pedal was different”: Pedal maker Brian Wampler on the ‘B-word’

Brian Wampler made the transition from garage workbench to custom manufacturing some time ago, and the artists lining up to declare their allegiance have helped make his effects mainstays of the market.

Hilbish Design puts a Sunn Beta Lead in a pedal with the Night Destroyer

Limited to just 150 units worldwide.

Keeley Electronics launches the 20 For 20 Tri-Verb pedal, and it’s already sold out

With only 20 units made, this multi-mode reverb was hard to get a hold of.

Red Witch call its Fuzz God IV the “most dial-able fuzz on the planet”

An internal eight-way dip switch offers 264 gain and tone combinations.

Review: Warm Audio Jet Phaser

The second of Warm Audio’s uncompromising remakes of out-there 1970s pedals involves phase, fuzz… and 2.1kg of chunky retro goodness.

Strymon announces the NightSky, a “reverberant synthesis workstation”

The stompbox combines a reverb core with deep analogue-synth inspired features.

Boss launches the OC-5, its latest compact octave pedal

Time for some polyphonic octave action.