Thursday, June 20, 2019

Tag: Effects

Sunn O)))’s Greg Anderson discusses new EQD Life Pedal

Influences behind this crushing drive box explained.

Review: Electro-Harmonix Attack Decay

This reissue of a short-lived 80s pedal brings reverse-tape wooziness and fuzz mayhem to your repertoire.

Becos Effects introduces two-knob CompIQ Mini One Pro Compressor

Latest CompIQ addition is a studio-grade compressor with simple controls.

Fulltone announces custom version of popular OCD drive box

CS-OCD-Ge is set to be “the ultimate OCD”.

For Lightning Wave founder Lee Nicolson, it all began with Metallica’s...

The New Zealander boutique effects maker has earned a reputation for creating innovative modulation-based analogue effects with digital brains that blend sonic experimentalism with ease of use. We spoke to him about the growth of his brand…

Review: Electro-Harmonix Mono Synth

This new sonic mind-bender offers plenty of potential power. Just remember to play one note at a time!

Revealed: John Mayer’s pedalboard

Highlights include Source Audio’s True Spring Reverb and a Strymon Volante.

Boss launches 200 series, debuts four pedals

These include new delay, drive, modulation and utility units.

Review: Strymon Volante

Strymon is a market leader in analogue-inspired digital effects, so any new launch is big news. Time to dive into a retro echo chamber with the Volante Magnetic Echo Machine.

Your Board: Keith VVolf’s minimalist setup

Our reader Keith VVolf chats about his five-pedal discipline and an ongoing search for 'the' fuzz pedal.

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