Death by Audio Deep Animation

The Deep Animation is an envelope filter that boasts an impressive range of features that lets you select a range of frequencies, and then abuse them as you please. Death by Audio unveiled the stompbox earlier this year, but the company has just started shipping them out.

Choose which frequencies to victimize using the six-band Frequency Selector control, then use the “Sensitivity,” “Intensity,” and “Volume” knobs to blend your tone to taste. The “Up/Down” footswitch changes the direction of the filter and, if it’s in the “Up” position, kicks your amp into overdrive. Finally, analog tracking changes your output depending on how hard you hit the strings, allowing you to exaggerate certain notes.

And if that wasn’t enough, this pedal comes with a “Trig” input—connect a drum machine, or a kick drum, and those instruments will trigger the Deep Animation’s filter sweep.

The Deep Animation retails for $270. For more information, check out