Bernie Marsden returns to Stowe in July for three-day masterclass

The Guitar Mojo Experience will cover aspects of rock and blues as well as performance tips.

Bernie Marsden Masterclass
Image: Bernie Marsden official website

Come July, Whitesnake and Bernie Marsden fans will have the unique opportunity to hang out and score a few guitar tips from the living legend himself. We’re talking about the upcoming Guitar Mojo Experience, where Marsden will be hosting masterclasses in Stowe, Birmingham.

The three-day affair – also featuring FM’s Jim Kirkpatrick and blues-rock prodigy Chris Buck – will cover topics on rock and blues guitar as well as performing live. It’ll be a great platform for learning, seeing as the course is designed for small classes, with three sessions daily. This also means more opportunity for interaction during Q&A sessions.

Bernie Marsden’s Guitar Mojo Experience will take place from 8 to 10 July. The course fees are detailed below:

  • Residential: Fully-inclusive three-night package priced at £945
  • Non Residential Course: £640, with lunch provided
  • Non Residential: £225 per day, with lunch provided

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