Tuesday, July 23, 2019

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Summer NAMM 2019: D’Angelico introduces the Brandon “Taz” Niederauer Atlantic signature...

An axe that embodies the precocious talent’s raw, electrifying energy.

Summer NAMM 2019: Gamechanger Audio and Jack White’s Third Man Records...

The two eccentric brands collaborate on a monster fuzzbox.

Summer NAMM 2019: Dunlop unveils Jimi Hendrix-themed ’69 Psych series of...

Three fuzzes and a Leslie-esque chorus in pedalboard-friendly sizes.

Summer NAMM 2019 Video: Jimmy Page announces Standard Model Sundragon Amplifier

Based on the limited-edition model unveiled in January.

Summer NAMM 2019 Video: EVH reveals Van Halen ‘Bumblebee’ tribute model

EVH has celebrated the anniversary of the seminal Van Halen II by releasing the ’79 Bumblebee tribute model, which pays tribute to the famous...

Summer NAMM 2019: Fender announces signature models for Britt Daniel, Lincoln...

The California brand also revealed a slew of fresh finishes.

Summer NAMM 2019: Gretsch expands Brian Setzer hollowbody collection

Three signature models have been added to the rockabilly pioneer’s Gretsch line-up.

“It takes a while to build your self-esteem with any instrument”:...

Melina Duterte talks the process behind the follow-up to 2017’s Everybody Works, her developing identity as a guitarist and finding community in her new home of Los Angeles.

Summer NAMM 2019: Gretsch unveils signature models for Steve Wariner, Rich...

Two striking hollowbodies for these guitar heroes.

Guthrie Govan talks perfect practice, unimportant solos and the new Aristocrats...

The shred-guitar virtuoso opens up on why solos don’t matter to songs, what really annoys him at gigs and the importance of comedy…

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