Summer NAMM 2019: 3rd Power unveils two grab-and-go combo amps

The Clean and Dirty Sink are 1×12 offsprings of the Kitchen Sink.

3rd Power amps clean sink combo front

The Clean Sink 1×12 combo

Last year, Nashville-based amp brand 3rd Power debuted the Kitchen Sink, a head amplifier boasting two vintage-leaning channels. With Summer NAMM 2019 just over the hill, the company has released both of those channels as two grab-n-go 1×12 combos named the Clean Sink and Dirty Sink. Both amps are designed to capture their predecessors’ tonal flavour, but in a lower-powered, 20-watt format.

The Kitchen Sink’s clean channel features two blendable voices – AC and American – which are also featured on the Clean Sink. The British-leaning AC voice, in particular, can be switched between Normal or Top Boost modes. Complementing the two voices is an all-tube spring reverb channel.

3rd Power amps dirty sink combo front
The Dirty Sink 1×12 combo

Alongside its clean channel, the Kitchen Sink also features a Plexi-style drive channel, which has now been ported over to the Dirty Sink. Depending on how you set it up, this combo unit is capable of pristine Plexi-like cleans and searing lead tones. It also has a treat in store for those who love pedal-stacking: A Class-A pedal-friendly FX loop is strategically located on the amp’s front panel.

3rd Power amps dirty sink combo control panel
Control panel onboard the Dirty Sink

Another neat feature you’ll notice on both amps is 3rd Power’s patented Hybrid-Master volume knob. As its name suggests, this control lets you tune your amp’s output level to suit different venues.

Specs-wise, both combo units are powered by a set of JJ 6V6 power tubes, and each is loaded with a single WGS Green Beret 12-inch speaker.

Each amp is available at an introductory price of $1,999. More info at And for the latest on Summer NAMM 2019, click here.


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