Anasounds debuts Element Spring Reverb

This all-analogue, spring-driven unit aims to capture the Twin Reverb’s tones.

Anasounds Element Spring Reverb
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Anasounds has released the Element Spring Reverb, an all-analogue pedal designed to capture the reverb tone on Fender’s famed Twin Reverb.

It’s far from your typical reverberation box. It operates with three external tanks, each with physical springs, for varying levels of cavernous sounds; these are, however, sold separately or as a bundle with the pedal itself.

Here’s a closer look at the unit:

The stompbox

The pedal is a standard nine-volt device with four parameter controls and a Spring Saturation mode switch:

  • Mix:
    • Sets the signal’s dry/wet ratio
  • Out:
    • Sets volume of wet signal
    • At Max: Reverb is boosted by 9dB, or 18dB when spring saturation is engaged
  • Low:
    • Sets bass levels
    • At max: boosts bass by 6dB
  • High:
    • Sets treble levels
    • At max: boosts treble by 6dB
  • Spring Saturation Switch:
    • Up: Spring is intact and signal passes through normally
    • Down: Saturation increases and output level is boosted significantly, resulting in a fuzz/overdrive effect

The spring tanks

Anasounds Element Spring Reverb and Le Bon
The Anasounds Element Spring Reverb and Le Bon spring tank

The stompbox connects to external spring tanks via RCA connectors for a true analogue reverb effect. There are three tank types, ranging from small to large: Le Bon, Le Brute and Le Truand. As you would expect, the resonance correlates with size, so Le Truand offers the richest sound but isn’t pedalboard friendly. If you’d like the best of both worlds, Le Brute may be the best option.

Hear the pedal and spring tanks in action below:

The Analog Spring Reverb retails at €190.83 (pedal only), €207.50 (pedal & Le Bon bundle), €232.50 (pedal & La Brute bundle), €249.17 (pedal & Le Truand bundle), and €290.83 (premium bundle with pedal & three tanks).

More info at anasounds.com.

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