Boss launches its first noise suppressor pedal since 1987

The NX-1X features three selectable modes — Reduction, Gate and Mute — to handle a variety of setups.

Boss has announced its first noise suppressor pedal since 1987 with the new NS-1X.

The NS-1X is the latest addition to Boss’ X series lineup of compact pedals powered by advanced Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP) technology, and is said to be able to “intelligently silence noise without affecting the natural tone and playing feel of a guitar or bass”.

Per Boss, the proprietary MDP tech in the NS-1X delivers fast, transparent operation in every application, eliminating the unnatural attack and decay artefacts that can be introduced with standard noise suppression systems.

High-speed digital technology analyses the input signal on multiple levels in real time, enabling ultra-detailed processing that provides the optimum noise reduction for any environment — from gentle noise reduction for general stage and studio setups to ultra-fast gating for heavy rhythm styles and other techniques that rely on high-gain tones.

Boss NS-1X
Credit: Boss

Specifically, the pedal features three operation modes — Reduction, Gate and Mute — to suit various setups: Reduction mode offers natural noise suppression, keeping original response and sustain even with low output pickups; Gate provides ultra-fast noise elimination for tapping, sweep picking, and heavy rhythm styles that rely on high gain tones; and Mute mode turns the pedal’s bypass setting into a convenient mute switch for changing instruments, tuning, and set breaks.

The NS-1X will operate in either Reduction or Gate mode when the pedal switch is off, assignable using a simple power-up procedure.

Threshold, Decay, and Damp knobs allow players to fine-tune the performance of the selected mode. There’s also a Reduction indicator that displays the current noise suppression status. Along with standard input and output connectors, the NS-1X features a send/return loop for enhanced performance with distortions, overdrives, and other noise-producing pedals.

The NS-1X will cost you $199.99, and is available for purchase at authorised Boss retailers.

Learn more at Boss.

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