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Gervana Pedals Ding Mao

Gervana Pedals launches boost/OD stompbox

The Ding Mao is a two-in-one drive unit whose stages have individual I/Os.
Free the tone bass overdrive black truck

Free the Tone unveils the Black Vehicle bass overdrive

The stompbox is the latest in the brand’s 15th anniversary project.
Zander Circuitry pedals

Zander Circuitry releases new fuzz and overdrive pedals

The Foxxton Woods and the Surplus join Zander’s colorful circuit.
Best fuzz pedals electro-harmonix big muff

Ten best fuzz pedals for guitarists in 2018

Things are about to get a little hairy on your pedalboard.
zeppelin design labs quaverato

Zeppelin Design Labs releases the Quaverato Harmonic Tremolo

It comes either as a DIY kit or ready-to-play stompbox.
ZVEX fuzz factory 7 germanium

ZVEX introduces the Russian Fuzz Factory 7

This version uses rare Russian germanium transistors.
Steel Panther Pussy Melter Satchel Pedal

Steel Panther’s Satchel reveals Pussy Melter stompbox

Despite the recent controversy, the hair metal parody band went ahead and released the distortion pedal.
Mooer Black Truck pedal

Mooer debuts multi-effects pedal, the Black Truck

All the effects you need in one sleek board.
Keeley Super Germanium Phat Mod

Keeley launches new germanium fuzz/overdrive stompbox

The Keeley Super Germanium Phat Mod cranks up the gain.
Mr Moto J rockett audio design pedal

J Rockett Audio Design rolls out the Mr Moto

With this pedal, you’ve got a spring reverb and a tremolo in one.