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MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay 10th Anniversary

MXR releases the Tenth Anniversary Carbon Copy Analog Delay

Celebrating a decade of bucket-brigade goodness.
Ananashead Effects Bass Drive Blend Pedal

Ananashead Effects releases the Blend Bass Drive

Based on the iconic DOD250 drive circuit.
atlantic chorus carl martin pedal

Carl Martin releases the Atlantic Chorus

The “Level” knob is one of the chorus/vibrato pedal’s top selling points.
ehx grand canyon pedal

Electro-Harmonix launches the Grand Canyon

EHX’s most advanced delay and looper pedal to date.
hotone ampero pedal

Hotone launches MP-100 Ampero processor

The multi-effects unit and amp modeler is the brand’s most advanced model yet.
matthews effects cosmonaut V2 pedal

The Matthews Effects Cosmonaut V2 takes flight

Explore the depths of reverb space.
neunaber immerse mkII

Neunaber Audio announces the Immerse Reverberator MKII

Eight magical stereo reverbs in one compact pedal.
boss waza craft pedals

Boss releases DC-2W Dimension C, MT-2W Metal Zone

Two new pedals join the premium Waza Craft line-up.
line 6 hx stomp

Line 6 launches the HX Stomp

It’s an ultra-compact version of the esteemed Helix.
bondi effects art van delay

Bondi Effects launches the Art Van Delay

A marriage of classic echo and new levels of functionality.