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Old Blood Noise Flatlight Flanger pedal

Old Blood Noise Endeavors’ new pedal is a three-fer

The stompbox is a flanger, echo and pitch-shifter rolled into one.
Morley Mini Pedals Power Wah Volume Maverick Switchless Wah Volume Plus

Morley introduces three new Mini pedals

The smaller versions of the Maverick Wah, Power Wah Volume and Volume Plus will save you precious pedalboard real estate.
New guitar pedals February 2018

New pedals and effects units: February 2018

Our favorite new stompbox announcements, releases and rumors of the month.
Taurus Servo

The Servo stompbox subtly saturates your tone

The new pedal from Taurus Amplification isn’t an effects unit per se—it takes your tone and elevates it.
Dusky Mandorla

Dusky Electronics launches new boost pedal

The Mandorla is a “clean but colored” treble boost stompbox inspired by those popularized in the ’60s.

Fractal Audio releases the Axe-FX III

The Axe-FX III comes with a lot more power, a massive library of speaker cab simulations and guitar effects, and other features.

Pigtronix releases the Ringmaster Analog Multiplier

The pedal unlocks a medley of sounds that span analog harmonizer tones to tremolo effects.

Empress Effects’ Zoia stuffs countless tools in one box

The Zoia is much more than a multi-effects unit—you can patch together synth modules, arrange loops, build ‘pedals,’ and sequence oscillators.

Gamechanger’s Plasma Pedal turns your guitar into pure electricity

The stompbox is a cross between a gated fuzz and a Tesla coil.

LunaStone launches range of drive pedals

The four new stompboxes run the gamut from BB King’s smooth overdrive to Hendrix’s wailing fuzz.