Go cable-free with Boss’ WL-60 wireless system

Featuring a compact receiver that’ll fit snugly on your pedalboard.

Boss has launched the WL-60, a wireless system built for professionals. It features a handy visual display, 14 channels and a pedalboard-friendly receiver.

Here are the details:

WL-60 receiver

The WL-60 is designed to quickly scan the 14 available wireless channels and select the best one. It has a bright LCD display that makes channel selection simpler as well as provide vital information like wireless connection strength.


In terms of connectivity, the WL-60 receives the signal transmission from the WL-60T transmitter through a ‘virtual cable’. This can be modified with two cable tone simulation options, which essentially emulate the tonal characteristics of actual cables. This unit also has a standard input jack should you wish to use it with a physical guitar cable.

Retails at $279.99.


Boss WL-60T

This transmitter is designed to be secured to a belt or guitar strap. It is powered by two alkaline AA batteries, and provides up to 25 hours of operation. It has a single instrument input which is designed to work with most guitars and basses.

Retails at $129.99.

More info at boss.info.