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Gear of the Year 2018: Best accessories and studio gear

From studio tools to actual tools, you might not 'play' these, but one way or another, they'll all make you play guitar more.

Pedaltrain introduces the SST Chromatic Tuner

This space-saving chromatic tuner slides right between your pedals.

Seymour Duncan releases Slash Signature Pickup Covers

New colours for these creamy-sounding humbuckers.

Kinman unveils six Gen-2 Stratocaster pickups

These single-coils deliver stellar Strat tones, minus the hum.

Dunlop announces three new offerings

Namely, a compact power supply, a mini bass octave pedal, and a Way Huge drive/octave stompbox.

Sheptone releases brand-new Tribute 2 pickups

A set of PAF humbuckers that delivers warm, soft tones.

ChickenPicks Guitar Picks Review

These new high-mass picks are designed to add both comfort and tone to your playing.

MusicNomad The Octopus & Grip Winder Review

MusicNomad reckons its guitar maintenance products are the best you can get.

Bog Street is set to release “the most comfortable guitar pick”

LEAP is a triple-edged plectrum that, its makers claim, give guitarists an "unprecedented level of comfort and stability while offering three different picks in a single tool".

Win four sets of Elixir acoustic guitar strings!

Three lucky winners will each win four sets of Nanoweb coated Elixir Strings!