Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Tag: Accessories

Go cable-free with Boss’ WL-60 wireless system

Featuring a compact receiver that’ll fit snugly on your pedalboard.

Ernie Ball expands popular Slinky series, unveils new picks

The electric string range welcomes Primo, Mega and Mammoth, while a Beefy string option is now available for bassists.

You Ask: How to stop my electric guitar pickups from turning...

Green-tinted corrosion – sometimes known as verdigris – is a common problem on many vintage guitars.

10 best Telecaster neck pickups

For seven decades, Fender’s Telecaster has been a stone-cold classic. However, there’s always scope for a mod or two – so here’s our guide to the best replacement Tele neck pickups currently on the market.

GHS’s Thin Core Phosphor Bronze strings match playability with balanced tone

Designed for a broad spectrum of acoustic guitars.

10 best Telecaster bridge pickups

A selection of vintage and modern bridge single-coils for Telecasters.

TC Electronic adds Polytune 3 Mini and 3 Noir to its...

These two stylish tuners will occupy less space on your pedalboard.

Gruv Gear’s Kapsule could be your next guitar go-bag

This all-in-one carrier has enough space for your instrument, accessories and clothing.

RockBoard’s MOD 5 packs a cab simulator, patch bay and DI...

It's a DI box, patch bay and IR cab sim loader in one pedalboard-friendly device.

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