Tag: Accessories

TC electronic

TC Electronic’s new Aeon gives you infinite sustain

The handheld device is the Danish company's answer to the EBow.

Fishman unveils Keith Merrow Custom Series pickups

A modified Open Core Classic pickup on the bridge with fresh voicings helps to deliver all the tones a modern guitarist needs.
Dimarzio Pandemonium

Alice Cooper’s Nita Strauss gets signature DiMarzio pickups

Rock-ready humbuckers that bear Strauss-approved modifications.
D'Addario DIY cable kit

D’Addario Accessories unveils three new products

A solderless cable kit, jack lock for Taylor guitars, and upgraded nine-volt adapter are the latest additions to D’Addario’s catalogue.
Fishman Matrix Infinity VT

Fishman expands Matrix Series with new pickup systems

The Matrix Infinity VT and Infinity Mic Blend boast design and performance enhancements, including a built-in condenser mic for the Infinity Mic Blend.
Lundgren Black Heaven

Lundgren Guitar Pickups unleashes the Black Heaven

The Swedish brand’s newest humbuckers are powerful, tight handmade pickups that are built for heavier styles of music.
Fishman Fluence Open Core Humbuckers

Check out the new Fishman Fluence Open Core Classic pickups

The humbuckers boast a new voice, formats for seven- and eight-stringed guitars, and several finishes.
Rio Grande Pickups

Rio Grande unveils ‘open-face’ models of Tron pickups

The BBQ-Tron, Genuine Tex-Tron, and Buffalo-Tron humbuckers now come in fancy, sparkly finishes to match your guitar.
Backbeat bass subwoofer

The BackBeat is a portable sub-woofer that sends rumbles through your body

The 'rumble pack' turns your low-end frequencies into physical vibrations, creating a seamless, integrated playing experience with your instrument.
RockBoard Cinque 5.4

RockBoard updates its pedalboards for 2018

RockBoard’s updated series features seven models that boast enhanced durability, user-friendliness and versatility.