Lightning Boy Audio announces the “Thicker Injection Box”, or TI box

Are your regular DI boxes too thin-sounding?

Gruv Gear announces new LYNK 3M low-profile pedal fasteners

Pedals can be neatly attached flush to your boards.

Rockboard announces new USB interface pedalboard module

Combining an interface with a pedal patch bay.

Review: Audient Evo 4

This little box from studio brand Audient promises to bridge the gap between guitar and computer in the simplest, most user-friendly way yet.

Mooer launches a new wireless kit, the Air P10

A compact four-channel pair of units

Fender lends a hand with its Mojo Grip

Never accidentally fling a plectrum into the front row again.

Review: ThroBak Electronics Koss-301 MXV

PAF replicas based on the pickups in Paul Kossoff’s Les Paul, sublime vibrato not included.

Tech Talk: which offset vibrato should you choose, Mastery or Descendant?

The backbone of Fender's beloved Jazzmaster, the offset vibrato delivers a range of pitch as impressive as its ability to snap right back in tune. We take the deep dive.