Carl Martin announces Honey Comp pedal for balanced compressed and dry signals

The Honey Comp is the upgrade to the Comp Limiter, this time with a Dry volume which allows you parallel processing with three knobs.

Carl Martin Honey Comp pedal

Image: Carl Martin

Carl Martin have announced the brand new Honey Comp pedal to provide parallel processing studio techniques all squeezed, or should we say compressed (excuse the pun) into one box.

This new pedal is the same as the Comp Limiter, yet this time with a dry volume which enables the technicality of in-studio parallel processing that can be easily achieved mid-gig via your pedalboard.

Parallel processing takes a heavily compressed signal and allows you to add a clean (Dry) signal on top giving your guitar three-dimensionality and allowing the guitar to cut through the mix.

This is a very well-known technique for those who are used to a studio setting, but according to Carl Martin, this is usually too complex for a pedalboard – meaning the Honey Comp could be a revolutionary staple pedal for all styles of playing.

In play, the Honey Comp springs into action straight, delivering sharp, bright and tight guitar sounds. You can check it out in use here:

This Danish High-end Compressor incorporates the CM developed DC/DC converter circuit, allowing for the pedal to run on 12V internally in order to maintain the same quality and headroom as the Comp Limiter.

In appearance, the pedal comes dressed in a grey anodised finish, with white plastic dials giving a subtle look to blend in nicely in the background whilst giving your guitar that studio-quality sound.

The brand has amassed some loyal fans due to the success of their Acoustic GiG, the Atlantic Chorus and the Ampster, and this could see them score another hit with guitarists.

The Carl Martin Honey Comp is available now for $199 USD, and you can find more info here. 


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