Catalinbread’s new Cloak offers a shimmery, ambient reverb

Looking for a no-nonsense shimmerverb? Look no further.

Catalinbread has launched its new Cloak pedal, designed to be the “optimal” take on a shimmer reverb.

The Cloak is a stripped-back take on the shimmer reverb format. There are only four controls: high-cut, shimmer, wet/dry mix and room size.

The Cloak’s core is a room-style reverb, which is heard when the shimmer control is at zero. However, when the shimmer control is turned up, the reverb has three orders of its upper harmonics emphasised. These are then passed through a low-pass filter (controlled by the “high cut” knob) in order to prevent the sound from becoming too harsh and bright.

Shimmer reverb was first developed by Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois, and used extensively on Eno’s ambient recordings. While originally achieved by patching together reverb and pitch-shift units in the studio, the effect has now been embraced by pedal-builders and ambient players due to its otherworldly, ethereal tone.

Catalinbread says that the room size control can range from a “cramped broom closet” to “as close to infinity as we can possibly muster.” The pedal also features switchable true- or buffered-bypass modes, with the latter extending out the reverb trails over your playing after the pedal has been disengaged.

Take a listen to the pedal in action with the official demo from Jay Leonard J below.

The Cloak lists for $209.99, with an early Black Friday Pricing currently in place of $178.49. Find out more at catalinbread.com.

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