Catalinbread wants to take you on a multiverse adventure with the Many Worlds phaser

The pedal stars an eight-stage phaser and six LFOs.

Catalinbread Many Worlds

Image: Catalinbread

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Catalinbread has announced the Many Worlds, an incredibly flexible phaser pedal offering an array of controls for achieving sounds from the classic and swirly to the otherworldly and peculiar.

The core of the Many Worlds is an eight-stage phaser with eight selectable control parameters, six LFOs and two envelope-dependent phase shift modes.

The LFOs feature some wave-morphing talents, with sine, square and reverse sawtooth sharing a single knob. There are also two independently controlled and intermodulating sine waves.

Meanwhile, the envelope-dependent phase shift, which goes both upwards and downwards, lets you use your picking dynamics to affect the phase shift. You could use this, for example, to achieve an autowah-type effect controlled by how hard you strum.

Check out Jay Leonard J’s demo of the Many Worlds below:

Said Catalinbread in a (far-out) statement on the Many Worlds: “The idea for Many Worlds began when we were experimenting with different LFO shapes for a phaser project–initially starting with the core of the classic ‘orange box’ phaser but with a number of extra features.”

“This LFO framework eventually led to experiments involving the modulation of one LFO by another,” explained the brand. “This is where the name Many Worlds comes from – the ‘Many Worlds’ interpretation of quantum mechanics is a theory by Hugh Everette which states that quantum wave function collapse is actually the superposition of quantum states built by the decoherence of independent wave functions.

“This leads to the theory of parallel universes where quantum measurements have opposite results.”

The Many Worlds is available for purchase now at $199.99.

Learn more at catalinbread.com

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