YouTuber builds an electric guitar out of 5,000 roasted coffee beans

And apparently, it smells amazing.

Burls Art has unveiled his latest six-string creation: an electric guitar with a body made of roasted coffee beans.

In his latest video, the YouTuber suspended 5,000 coffee beans in an epoxy to build an Explorer-shaped electric. By slicing off the top and bottom layers of the coffee-epoxy body blank and buffing it to a sheen, the resulting body shows off the cross-sections of the coffee beans.

Copper Coffee, a company run by a friend of Burls Art, supplied him with the coffee beans for the build. The store is also to be the recipient of the finished guitar.


The instrument also features the Copper Coffee logo as a custom 12th fret inlay and, in keeping with the Copper-theme, a copper-coloured aluminium strip as body binding. Rounding off the guitar’s features are a duo of humbuckers that route to volume and tone knobs and a three-way selector.

According to Burls Art, the finished guitar actually gives off a pleasant aroma – that’s one of the main reasons why he chose not to seal it off with a coated finish.

“One thing I’m sure a lot of you are wondering is why I didn’t coat the top and the bottom of the guitar to give it a perfect finish,” he said in the video. “I gave it some consideration, but it’s not every day that I build a guitar that smells this good.”

He added: “It was also kind of nice building it because the shop smelled like coffee all the time.”

For the unfamiliar, Burls Art is YouTuber that shares videos of unusual guitar builds, which in the past have involved materials such as colour pencils, jawbreakers and even a solid slab of Himalayan rock salt.

Watch the entire coffee guitar build video below:


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