Friday, October 18, 2019


Solars A16.D and A1.7D

Solar Guitars unveils the A1.7D LTD and the A1.6D LTD

The Swedish Manufacturer's type A guitars now come in a natural aged / distressed finish.
The Godin Session HT

Godin Guitars updates its session line with the Session HT

The range of versatile S-types gets a hard-tail version.
The Gold MagSlide

Slide with a light touch, with Göldo Music’s new MagSlide

The USA-made slide features a unique magnesium construction.
Strymon's Instagram Tease

Is Strymon teasing a new pedal?

An Instagram post suggests the manufacturer has something in the works.
The Trickfish Minnow

Trickfish launches the Minnow, a Bass Preamp & DI

The box comes with extensive EQ controls and an XLR-out.
The 2020 signature models of Mark Holcomb and Dustie Waring

PRS announces two new signature models for 2020

Mark Holcomb and Dustie Waring both get new signature axes.
The EHX Rams Head Big Muff and it's older, bigger counterpart.

EHX Reissue the sought-after Ram’s Head Big Muff Pi

The long-awaited official clone of the legendary fuzz is here.
The Cort X700 Duality

Cort’s new X700 Duality strikes a balance between Shred and Chic

Perfect for the jazz session musician with a thrash metal side project.
Doyle's Annihilators

Grab yourself a set of Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein’s signature Annihilators

Dean Markley has teamed up with the Misfits and Doyle guitarist for the set.
The Fender Koa Top Stratocaster

Fender expands its Rarities range with the Flame Koa Top Strat

The guitar comes with a unique set of pickups.

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