D’Angelico introduces the limited edition Deluxe Mini DC, a semi-hollow with an “undersized” body

It maintains the scale length of a standard guitar while offering an undersized body.

AmpliTube 5: IK Multimedia’s latest flagship amp and effects modelling software is coming

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Is the Epiphone Coronet about to make a serious comeback?

Online leaks suggest the Epiphone Coronet, a new Riviera, a Nancy Wilson signature and a slew of other models are about to drop.

Yamaha launches a new Wireless THR amp for acoustic players

Now it’s not just electric players that can go cordless.

Amazon is now making guitar pedals

Seven new pedals, most under $30, under the label AmazonBasics.

Could IK Multimedia be launching AmpliTube 5 soon?

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Fender’s Troublemaker Telecaster Deluxe is suited for “aggressive playing”

It features a mahogany build and custom Double Tap humbuckers.