Thursday, March 21, 2019


Furch Rainbow G-DB

Configure your own Furch Rainbow acoustic with this new online tool

This web tool aims to simplify the customisation and ordering process.
Joyo D-Seed II Digital Delay

Joyo releases the D-Seed II digital delay

A compact device with dual channels and eight delay types.
Blue Cat Audio Re-Guitar

Blue Cat Audio unveils Re-Guitar plug-in

A range of emulated tones at your fingertips.
JHS Space Commander Ryan Adams

The JHS Ryan Adams VCR is now known as the Space Commander

The same feature set in a retro-looking enclosure.
Nux Mighty 20 BT feature

Nux releases Mighty 20 BT modelling amplifier

This affordable 20-watter is designed to be a practice companion.
Duesenberg Dropkick Murphys Alliance Series

Duesenberg teams up with Dropkick Murphys on Alliance series

This limited-edition offering features a semi-hollow guitar and bass.
crazy tube circuits limelight fuzz

Crazy Tube Circuits launches Limelight fuzz pedal

Vintage-voiced with modern appointments.

Watch: Building an electric guitar with an epoxy resin ‘river canyon’

Burl Arts is back with another unique creation.
vertex tone secret

Vertex reveals the Tone Secret

It mimics an overdrive slamming into the front-end of an amp.
Solar Guitars E1.7FBB and V1.7FBB

Solar Guitars unveils two new seven-string axes

The E1.7FBB and V1.7FBB are designed for heavy riffs.

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