Fender expands its Rarities range with the Flame Koa Top Strat

The guitar comes with a unique set of pickups.

The Fender Rarities range has seen the addition of the Flame Koa Top Stratocaster, which features a unique set of pickups and a grain-filled ash body underneath the exotic Koa top.

The pickups are in a H-S-S arrangement, all designed by Fender’s chief pickup engineer, Tim Shaw. The humbucker, encased in a Filter’tron style enclosure, gives powerful yet articulate bridge pickup tones, while the single coils are ‘59-style overwounds, with gold-foil inserts that match the Koa top.

The maple neck has a modern-C profile, with a 9.5” radius, and narrow-tall frets for a more contemporary feel. The bridge is Fender’s six-point synchronised tremolo. The guitar comes with a hardshell case.


Watch Fender’s own run-down of the guitar below:

The Flame Koa Top Stratocaster lists for £2,249.00. More information at shop.fender.com.