Fender’s Super Reverb gets a solid-state reboot and joins the Tone Master amplifier series

Fender calls the DSP-equipped amplifier a “perfect replication” of the original.

Fender’s Super Reverb has finally joined the brand’s Tone Master series, matching solid-state architecture with digital modelling for a faithful recreation of the tube-amp classic. Like others in the series, this amp is lightweight and packed with modern features.

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Touted as a “perfect replication” of the original, the Tone Master Super Reverb is based on a mid-60s black-panel amp circuit and features four 10-inch Jensen speakers. One of the major benefits of going solid-state? The amp weighs about 16kg, roughly half that of the original tube version.


Fender Tone Master Super Reverb backview
Image: Fender

It packs a total power of 200 watts but simulates the performance of a 45-watt tube amp. You can also dial back it back to 22, 12, 5 and even 1 watt to suit smaller venues, home practise or direct recording.

“There’s no mistaking this sound when you plug into it,” Fender said in a product description of the Tone Master Super Reverb. “It’s got the unique beefy sound of the large 4×10 cabinet, the chime of the Jensen speakers, and an easily driven mid-powered 45W (simulated) amplifier.”

Other recording-friendly features include a balanced XLR line output and built-in impulse responses (IRs) captured with Shure SM57 and Royer R-121 microphones. Those responses could also be practical for silent stage performances and for practising with headphones.

The Fender Tone Master Super Reverb arrives in August 2021 at £1,300/$1,100/€1,500. Each ships with a two-button footswitch.