Invaders launches the 720 Britt, a 20-watt 2-channel head

Ranging from clean to crunch to saturated drive.

The Invaders Britt

Image: Invaders

Invaders Amplification has launched the 720 Britt, a 20-watt dual-channel amplifier that, as its name suggests, is aimed at recreating that signature British amplifier voice.

The hand-wired amplifier’s two channels come in the form of a Clean and a Drive channel, with the Clean channel approaching that classic crunch tone on higher gain settings, and the Drive channel ranging between medium overdrive to soaring high-gain.

Controls for the unit are a simple affair, with a 3-band EQ, a master volume and a gain control for each channel. There’s of course a switch to change between channels, but also a couple of extra voice-altering toggle switches. There’s a ‘bright’ switch which, well, brightens up the tone, and a ‘sweep’ switch which gives a slight boost to the preamp stage’s midrange.

The head also has inputs for high and low-output instruments, as well as a footswitch-in for channel switching (a footswitch is included), and an effects loop. But aside from that, it’s a straightforward unit, supporting 16 or 8 Ohm cabinets.

While the base head comes with a rather bare metal finish, Invaders offers you the option of a customised front face, with tolex, piping and corners with a range of colors and design options.

The 720 Britt is available now for €990. Find out more at


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