Jam Pedals introduces the Seagull, based on David Gilmour’s famous Echoes sounds

The effect was initially obtained by plugging in a wah backwards.

Jam Pedals has launched the Seagull, a cocked-wah effect that’s also capable of creating the strange, pitched resonance David Gilmour used on the Pink Floyd Track Echoes.

The effect was obtained by Gilmour by plugging a wah in backwards, which first happened accidentally. A quirk of a wah circuit is that this creates a resonance related to the impedance on the output jack (working as the input jack in this case), meaning its pitch and timbre can be adjusted by tweaking your tone control.

Jam Pedals’ Seagull achieves the effect by using a ‘cocked wah’ filter, built with the same Red Fasel inductor as the Jam Wahcko wah. This filter can act as a normal, stationary filter. The C toggle switch reverses the circuit and puts the pedal into Seagull mode. The filter is controlled by two knobs: L and F. These adjust the output volume and the filter’s frequency respectively. Additionally, the S toggle switch selects between three different frequency sweeps.

Jam Pedals notes that to ensure the best operation of the Seagull mode, you must use a guitar with passive pickups, and not place any buffered pedals in the chain before it.

The pedal’s footswitch can operate as normal, or as a momentary footswitch when held down. It features side-mounted jacks, and enclosure art that somewhat resembles The Wall’s cover art, with the addition of an X-Ray view of a seagull.

The pedal lists for $219. Find out more at jampedals.com.

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