Klevgrand releases Stark Amp Simulator

The all-inclusive software is available on PC, Mac or iPad.

Swedish company Klevgrand has introduced the Stark, an amp simulator offering amplifier, cabinet, room and effects options. It is available as a plug-in for PC and Mac, or an app for iPad.

Stark’s four modules are simply named Amplifier, Cabinet, Room and Pedalboard. The first three stand out because they’re built on proprietary algorithms, and according to Klevgrand, do not involve any “convolution”. They also claim that the approach results in a more organic response and greater flexibility.

It’s also worth noting that the modules process audio independently, so combining various amp, cab and room types isn’t an issue.

Here’s a snapshot of the four modules:

Amp profiles

  • 12 in total
  • Clean and Overdrive modes
  • Three-band EQ with presence
  • Booster to dial in some end-stage amp saturation

Cab profiles

  • 10 options differing in size and sound
  • Stereo width knob to simulate the distance between two mics in front of a speaker cone

Room profiles

  • Six in total, spread over small, medium and large
  • Decay parameter governs the reflectivity of the walls


  • 14 effects, with four FX slots
  • Arrange them however you want via drag-and-drop

Learn more about Stark in the video below:

Stark is available in two formats: plug-in for macOS/Windows ($39.99, RRP $79.99) or an iPad app ($9.99, RRP $19.99). More info at klevgrand.se.

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