Lava Music releases limited run of carbon fibre acoustics in collaboration with Chemist Creations

Featuring on-board effects that don’t need you to plug the instrument in for.

Lava Music has announced a new pair of models, made in collaboration with Chemist Creations – entitled SiO2 and NaCl.

The new guitars are based off the brand’s Lava Me Pro models, and hence feature injection-moulded carbon fibre construction – for quite a unique look, and incredible strength-to-weight ratio. This is partially achieved by Lava Music’s own AirCarbon material, which layers carbon fibre in a honeycomb-like structure for extra strength.

Adding to the unique looks, the new model comes finished in either Coral White or Green Chaud.


In terms of electronics, the guitars’ onboard preamp comes with in-built chorus, reverb and delay, which can be used even when the guitar isn’t plugged in.

The guitars both list for $899 and are available from today (4 August) from

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