Lightning Boy Audio announces the “Thicker Injection Box”, or TI box

Are your regular DI boxes too thin-sounding?

Guitar pedal and audio equipment maker Lightning Boy Audio has announced the TI Box, described as a “Thicker Injection Box” rather than a Direct Injection Box.

The passive DI box comes fitted with a custom-designed LBA-MC15 transformer, leading to a more harmonically rich output and a 4.6dB increase in volume output over the typical level of a DI box.

Lightning Boy Audio describes the characteristics of sound as “a bit of heft in the sub-bass, dominance in the mids and a bit of a softening in the highs.”


In terms of physical features, it’s fitted with quarter-inch input and bypass jacks, a Neutrik XLR jack for the balanced output and a pair of switches for phase invert and ground lift respectively.

Hear it in action with Lightning Boy Audio’s video below:

The unit is available to order now for $169. Find out more at

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